No FLL Event would be possible without the support of excited and enthusiastic volunteers!  We rely on volunteers in a wide variety of ways to make our events successful.

As volunteers are sought for particular area tournaments, more information will be posted on this page.  If no positions are listed but you wish to express an interest in volunteering for a particular event, please contact mafll@wpi.edu.


There will be Judge and Judge Advisor training at WPI (Campus Center, Morgan Room) in late October or early November each year.  If you have a large group, we are also happy to come to your group for training.  Contact mafll@wpi.edu for more information.

Referee training is also available either remotely or at your location.  Contact us for more information.

Open Volunteer Positions

Volunteer PositionEvents RequestingResponsibilities, Expectations, and Other InformationInterested?

Judge Advisor


Judge Advisors are responsible for overseeing all judges at the event and assisting them in the decision making process.  While this person may or may not actively judge teams during the event, they will primarily help ensure efficiency in the award selection process, verify all scores and results, and help mediate any situations where judges may not agree when determining the winner.  The Judge Advisor must make sure the judges follow the FLL missions while dealing with teams, remain objective when listening to ideas, and avoid any conflicts of interest with judges and teams.

Previous experience judging at FIRST and particular FLL events is preferred.  Must be 18 or older.

The position requires participation in pre-event training (less than 5 hours) at dates to be scheduled.  It also required a full day commitment at the event.

Contact mafll@wpi.edu and let us know your event interest and previous experience.

Judges (Technical, Project, Core Values)


Judges are responsible for observing teams as they compete, work in the pit, and make presentations.  Using provided rubrics and guidance, judges will determine which teams are best to give awards to.  Judges scores will also determine which teams qualify for Championship Tournament participation.

Judges must respect and uphold the missions of FLL and display gracious professionalism at all times.  They must not let their opinions on a topic effect their view of whether or not a team's effort was successful in completing the challenge set forth by FLL.

Three types of judges are needed.  Technical Judges will look at the teams robot design and programming, ask teams questions about how they created their design, and be responsible for judging all awards of a technical nature.  People with technical, mechanical, and or programming backgrounds like engineers, professors, etc are preferred.

Project Judges will listen to creative presentations developed by the team regarding that year's theme.  There will be limited time to ask questions about the project and team.  People with experience in the field of that year's theme or experience in arts and humanities make great project judges.

Core Values Judges observe teams completing a teamwork activity and evaluate the team dynamics and interactions.  After the activity, there is an opportunity to ask the team questions about their experience in the activity, at the event, and in FLL in general.  People of all experience and background make excellent core values judges.

Previous FIRST or FLL judging experience is appreciated, but not required.  Ages 18 and older are preferred for this position.

This position requires pre-event prepartion (attendance of training is preferred) and an all day commitment at the event.

Contact mafll@wpi.edu and let us know your event interest and previous experience.

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