Championship Tournaments

Qualifying for a Championship Tournament will be based on a team's overall performance at their qualifying event.  In order to be eligible, the team must participate in the robot performance, technical judging, project judging, and any teamwork activity that may take place at the event.  The same balance of scores that are used to judge the Champion's Award will be used to determine qualification.  Any team not participating in all those portions of the event will not qualify, not matter how well they do in the 'robot performance' category.

Many teams will know at the end of their qualifying event if they are eligible to register for a Championship Tournament.  Teams will also be notified through email to their main contact whether or not they are eligible to register for a Championship Tournament.  Teams who are not notified at or soon following their qualifying event may be notified of their eligibility at the completion of all Qualifying Tournaments based on space availability.

Teams who qualify and are notified immediately following their tournament will be given a deadline to register and make payment for the Championship Tournament.   Once that deadline has passed, the remaining available slots will be opened on a first-come, first-served basis to the next tier of qualified teams. 

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