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There are three types of tournaments or events that FLL teams may consider competing in.  All events are open to the public and you can find a complete list by searching the What's Going On section of the FIRST website.

Local Tournaments

These events are typically very low key with a small number of teams.  They are not part of the advancement system to Championship Tournaments.  They are independent of FLL Headquarters or the FLL Partners. They can serve as practice events for teams before Qualifying and Championship tournaments and help groups with multiple teams decide which ones move on to compete in official tournaments.  Anyone can host a local event whenever they wish for whatever group of people they want, whether they are officially registered FLL teams or not.  Local Tournaments are not required to, and often don't, follow the same judging and tournament procedures as official events.

Qualifying Tournaments

In Massachusetts, Qualifying Tournaments are open to officially registered FLL teams.  Qualifying tournaments are designed to be lower cost alternatives to Championship Tournaments for both teams and those running the event.

Teams wishing to compete in the official FLL Massachusetts State Championship Tournaments must compete in a sanctioned Qualifying Tournament and become eligible to move on based on their overall performance.  

Teams may sign up for multiple Qualifying Tournaments.  However, teams will not be placed into a second tournament until all registered teams have been assigned to a tournament.  Teams in Massachusetts will be given preference in registering for their initial Qualifying Tournament.  

Championship Tournaments

Championship tournaments are official FIRST LEGO League events run by FLL Partners in the state.  In certain years, teams that win the Champion's Award, the highest honor in FLL, at the event will be eligible to attend the FLL World Festival, a gathering of about 100 FLL teams from all around the world, and vy for all awards presented there.   The Championship Tournaments will celebrate the top all-around teams in the state as they compete in the areas of robot performance, technical and project presentation, and teamwork.  Championship Tournaments follow strict standards in judging, awards, and overall quality that align with all Championship Tournaments around the world.  Official FLL trophies and medallions will be awarded to participants.

For information on how teams will qualify for Championship Tournaments, visit our Championship Tournaments page.

FLL World Festival

This event, held in conjunction with the FIRST Championship, is the global celebration of FLL teams from around the world.  It is the only event hosted by the FLL Program.  The selection process for the World Fesitival will change from year to year, depending upon the number of spaces available and the number of teams participating in FLL. 

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